Igniting Green Innovation with Industrial Challenge x Ingenious Summercamp 2024

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Challenge Yourself in Industrial Challenge

Industrial Challenge is a competition designed to engage university students across various disciplines, encouraging them to apply their knowledge and skills to address real-world industrial challenges.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their problem-solving abilities, utilizing systemic thinking and other relevant insights to propose innovative solutions.

This years theme of "Accelerating Green Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Production and Consumption" emphasizes the importance of fast-tracking green innovation efforts for sustainable industrial practices.

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Expand Your Knowledge with SummerCamp

Summer Camp is part of the integrated exchange program, exclusively tailored for participants who qualify as semifinalists.

Summer Camp offers exposure to international engagement, participants will be mentored by foreign professors. This events are held offline during which activities such as Company Visit, Surabaya Exploration, and Culture Night will be conducted.

  • Company Visit
  • Culture Night
  • Discover Surabaya
  • Plenary Sessions

Here are some glimpse of last year's event:

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